Mayo Trip’s – About

“We are cut and shaped by what we love”

Olá, Im Nati. I was born in 1984, year Apple put on sale first Macintosh Personal Computer, The Lonely Guy, The Terminator, Legend, Treasure woman’s dressed like this:


And Michael Jackson was the biggest star in the world (still).

I grew up in the huge 20 million people city of Sao Paulo, with MTV, Japanese cartoons, Barbies, Bon Jovi, Nirvana and John Hughes. I have one trouble: when I go to the doctors and stuff, and have to fill up the form at the occupation field. Labels are somewhat difficult in this nowadays always changing professions, but truth be told, i have a problem with that.

Maybe it’s better to think in themes rather than fields. Mayo Trip’s is an attempt to help on this issue. I decided to put myself in this box, collect and arrange together everything that inspires me, and hopefullym also know some people out there that want to discuss and live this themes too:

  • Trips (the ones you leave/ the ones you don’t move)
  • Creative writing
  • Design & Web crap

Why Mayo Trip’s? In Brasil when a person is day dreaming, we say she’s tripping in Mayonnaise. That’s pretty much me. How about you? Write me something, what about your’e themes? Thanks for stopping by!

ps.  I’m thinking cross media for the blank field…

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